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nhà cái uy tín nhất việt nam

  • FBI Leuba, Namsa
  • Paauwe, Deborah
  • Tucker, Albert - In the mirror

Fashioning black identity:
Africa and the African diaspora

Fashioning black identity: Africa and the African diaspora explores ways in which contemporary black African artists are using fashion, photography and portraiture to redefine personal and cultural identity. The exhibition brings together works by seven prominent artists from Africa and the African diaspora who use photography and different spatial, corporal and temporal reference points as devices to explore and unpack perceptions of race and being.

A Cairns Art Gallery touring exhibition Read more

Dressing up:
clothing and camera

Curator: Gareth Syvret Read more

The Tucker portraits

Curator Anouska Phizacklea Read more

Entry to MGA is free!

The Australian home of photography